Renovent Excellent 400, 300 & 180 -

  • PassivHaus Certificated
  • Low Specific Fan Power
  • High Thermal Efficiency
  • Virtually Silent

The latest in a long line of energy efficient Heat Recovery Ventilation units from Brink, Europe’s leading manufacturer heat recovery units.

Low-noise, low-energy, and high-comfort ventilation


Effective ventilation contributes to living comfort and health. Users are requiring ever higher standards of ventilation throughout the year. Government regulations are aimed at increasing levels of energy efficiency, improved standards of installation and reduction of sounds levels.

Brink Climate Systems has responded to these changes with the Renovent Excellent and introduces a new heat recovery unit that is suitable for both the current and for future ventilation requirements.

The advantages of ventilation with heat recovery are now well known:

• Generous ventilation

• Minimal energy loss

• A high level of comfort

• No noise or draughts.

Brink Climate Systems have responded to the requirements of both end-users and professional specifiers by producing a technically sophisticated machine with further improvements of both sound level and auxiliary energy consumption.


Partially as a result of using 190mm fans which rotate at lower speeds, Brink Climate Systems are producing even quieter machines. The internal resistance of appliance and heat exchanger has been significantly reduced and the diameter of the ports for duct connection has been increased to 180mm. These factors result in reduced internal airspeed, which in turn contributes to the noiseless operation of the Renovent Excellent.

Lower Auxiliary Energy Consumption

An additional advantage of the measures taken to reduce the noise level is that they also reduce the auxiliary energy consumption. With the Renovent Excellent, Brink Climate Systems succeeded in introducing an appliance that amply complies with the future European requirements of a maximum of 1.200 J/m3

By using a Renovent Excellent HR unit, it is possible to benefit from a further improvement in your Energy Performance Certificate rating now.

Constant Flow Control

Application of constant flow control guarantees the preset airflow rates independently of the resistance in the ducting system. The guaranteed balanced ventilation ensures that high efficiency will be maintained under all conditions. The constant flow principle simplifies tuning and that saves installation costs. Additionally, the state of the filter no longer affects the flow rate of the clean outdoor air supply.

A feature unique to Renovent Excellent manages to combine the constant flow principle with the ultimate low-noise and low-energy EC fans using patented backwards curved blades.

Frost Protection

A frost protection system prevents the heat exchanger from freezing when the in-coming air is sub-zero. Renovent Excellent has a smart frost protection system with a preheater. Temperature sensors monitor the heat exchanger condition and only switch on the preheater when it is necessary. This guarantees the high efficiency and maintains balanced ventilation under extremely low outdoor temperatures.


Control Options

The Renovent Excellent can be controlled in the usual manner with a 3-way switch (with filter indication) or by wireless remote control.

The 2-zone demand-controlled system can be used in the Renovent Excellent to reduce the Energy Performance Certificate even further. For future applications and control options with the other products from Brink Climate Systems, the Renovent Excellent is prepared for the 2-wire E-bus system.

Digital programmers incorporated into the Excellent heat recovery units enable precise rates of ventilation to be controlled.

Standard Summer Bypass

The Renovent Excellent comes with a bypass as standard for use when it is very warm outside and heat recovery is not desired. The bypass is controlled automatically by comparing the temperature of the extracted air and the incoming fresh air.

Several versions

The Renovent Excellent is available in a left-handed and right-handed version with the following connections:

four air connections at the top (4/0)

two connections at the top and two connections at the bottom (2/2)

three connections at the top and one connection at the bottom (3/1)


Plus Version

In addition to the comprehensive standard version, the Renovent Excellent is also available as ‘Plus’ version. It has additional connection options for demand-controlled ventilation and control by third party devices.- e.g. CO2, PIR or humidity sensors .

Advantages of the Renovent Excellent


  • High ventilation capacity of 400 m3/h
  • Low noise
  • Further reduced auxiliary energy consumption
  • Higher EPC reduction
  • Standard Bypass
  • Intelligent frost control with standard preheater
  • Prepared for the E-bus system
  • SAP Appendix Q approved
  • Energy Saving Trust, Best Practice Performance Compliant


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For a brief demonstration of the Renovent Excellent range click on the picture below:



Appliance type




Ventilation capacity at 150 Pa [m3/h]

Maximum 400

Maximum 300

Maximum 180

Rated power [W]

(at 70% of the maximum appliance capacity)

64 at 280 m3/h

(and 50 Pa)

40 at 210 m3/h

(and 50 Pa)

46 at 125 m3/h

(and 50 Pa)

Dimmension duct connections [mm]

4 x 180mm

4 x 150mm

4 x 125mm

H x W x D [mm]

765 x 677 x 564

765 x 677 x 564

600 x 560 x 302

Weight [kg]




Temperature efficiency [%]




Constant flow control

Standard bypass

(bypass functionality)

Standard preheater


Connection provisions for humidity sensor

Connection provisions for 2-zone demand flow

Connection for timer

Also available as Plus version*

*The Plus versions have additional connections for a CO2 sensor, geo-heat exchanger, bedroom diffuser and postheater.



Installation Manual

Passiv Haus Certificate

Renovent 400 Excellent leaflet

SAP Appendix Q test results

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