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CVC Direct

CVC Direct is a family run business which has been trading for over 25 years and specialises in Heat Recovery Ventilation, Central Vacuum Systems and Ground/Air Heat Exchange (GAHE) ducting.

At CVC Direct, we carry ample stocks of heat recovery units, central vacuum units and a huge range of ducting plus all the associated ancillary equipment.

We are able to dispatch goods at fairly short notice, often for next day delivery.

CVC Direct distribute heat recovery units for a number of manufacturers which include Brink, Systemair, Itho, Veneco, Nuaire and Ubbink. CVC Direct is the sole distributor of central vacuum cleaners from Elek Trends Productions in Belgium and the Dutch HB+ system of radial ducting for ventilation.

Our stocks include the PassivHaus certificated "Renovent Excellent" heat recovery unit from Brink Climate Systems which is one of the quietest and more sophisticated heat recovery units available.

We stock a number of different models of vacuum unit including the Millennium S-Max low noise, high suction vacuum unit which is one of the quietest on the market.

We are able to offer free advice, free planning and quotations. For the ventilation systems, we are able to produce (at a cost) detailed 3D drawings and specifications. We advise that this be done at an early stage of the building process so that adequate provision can be made to accommodate the heat recovery unit in an easily accessible position and the (often) quite bulky ducting. Ask for our free 'Guide to Planning and Installing a Heat Recovery System’.

We offer a variety of services depending on your needs including detailed bespoke solutions for individual house builders and a prompt service for trade customers and installers.

Heat Recovery Ventilation

Building Regulations require ever-higher levels of energy efficiency in a new house and the best way of achieving this is by using increasing levels of insulation to the point whereby a house is virtually airtight.

But an airtight dwelling would be a most unhealthy place to live with stale air, foul smells and condensation - hence the need for Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) in a new house.

Installing a heat recovery system will indirectly make a significant contribution to producing a low energy, eco-friendly building as it allows high levels of insulation and airtightness. By installing a ventilation system when building a new house, one is effectively helping to future-proof the building.

MVHR (or Heat Recovery Ventilation as it is more commonly known) is not only a highly desirable feature in a house, but is virtually a necessity in a modern, well insulated

building. It provides clean fresh air to a building, giving a pleasant comfortable environment without any feeling of "stuffiness".

To quote a customer - "One of the best things about a heat recovery ventilation system is that you don't know you’ve got it - but when you go into other peoples houses, you soon know that they haven't."

Geothermal Air Heat Exchanger (GAHE)

This is used in conjunction with heat recovery ventilation as a way of enhancing the thermal performance of the ventilation system. It consists of a length of large bore tube (typically 200 to 300mm) buried 1.5m. to 2m metres underground, through which the inlet air for the heat recovery unit is drawn.

As the soil temperature at this depth is usually fairly constant at 8 - 12 deg C in summer and 5 - 10 deg in winter, this has the effect of cooling the incoming air in very hot weather and of pre-warming the air in very cold weather.

It acts as a simple form of air-conditioning without the high running costs of bespoke air- conditioning. Typically this needs 30 - 40 metres of underground ducting which can be in a straight line, in a grid pattern or even run around the perimeter of a house.

Central Vacuum Systems

There are many benefits to having a central vacuum system installed in a house but the benefit that all customers quote is 'Ease of Use'.

A central vacuum system consists of a vacuum unit with a powerful motor installed in suitable location (such as a garage, utility room, basement etc.,) in a house. This is connected to a fairly simple network of PVC vacuum ducting - very similar to plumbing pipe - which runs around the house with vacuum sockets located at strategic points so that the entire house can be cleaned with a long hose plugged into any one of the vacuum sockets.

This produces a powerful suction for cleaning without the inconvenience of having to pull a portable (!) vacuum unit around with you.

CVC Direct Central Vacuum Cleaners are manufactured in Belgium by Elek Trends Productions, one of Europe's leading companies in this field. Elek Trends (ET) have been manufacturing central vacuum systems for over 30 years. They are made to the highest standards and conform to all the latest European specifications and certification, and are noted for the quality of their construction and quiet operation. The ET range of vacuum cleaners use high quality electric motors which will give many years of trouble-free domestic use before any routine maintenance is required.